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2017 BFA Exhibition

With the end of their undergraduate experience in sight, the BFA seniors of 2017 invite you to their final exhibition at The College of New Jersey. The Fine Arts and Lens-Based students present, That On Which We Are Standing, and the Graphic Design students present, 1,460 Days. The exhibition as a whole is an exploration of identity and a celebration of hard work, personal growth, and the end of tuition bills.

On View

Wednesday, April 26th – Friday, May 19th
AIMM Main Gallery and Rooms 111, 118, 119.


Saturday, April 29th
1:00 – 4:00pm

Artist Talks

Wednesday, May 3rd
1:30 – 5:00pm



1,460 Days

Eighteen graphic designers share their experiences qualitatively through their work, with each portfolio offering a unique window into the designer’s development, style, and personality, and quantitatively using the title 1,460 Days as the numeric representation of their time transitioning from students to professional designers.

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That On Which We Are Standing

This exhibition features works by ten individuals, each with unique viewpoints. Unified by their shared education and informed by their personal narratives, each artist examines their own way of seeing in relation to the collective. Together, the works of art confront issues of the body, identity, mapping, and memory. Versatility in medium, technique, and approach allows each artist to find the unique language to express that on which they are standing.

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Thank you to all those who have supported us during our time at TCNJ, as well as those who have helped make this exhibition possible!
If you’d like to contribute to the exhibition crowdfunds, twenty-eight starving artists send you their thanks!